Month – March 2014

Malicious Fishes


April is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen! How do I know?  That’s easy.  I have a torn rotator cuff and six herniated discs in my back from trying to get my “portable” ice shanty up into the attic of my garage.  I took my truck through the carwash for the first time in six […]

Pain and Gain


Let me tell you about Stanley. Stan might be the best overall sportsman I have ever met.  He’ll never compare to me in Pike and Bass fishing although he may argue the point.  He may argue the point up to (and including) some fisticuffs but I can assure you that when it comes to Pike […]

Wheels (April, 2007)


At 38 years old, I am nearing the most troublesome and frightening stage of my life. Middle age doesn’t bother me; I like to think I grow better with age, like a fine wine or a classic muscle car. No, the thing that turns my blood to ice and loosens my bowels (I like to […]

A Life of Crime


After spending 10 years as a law enforcement official and living a life devoted to values and integrity I have a confession to make. I’ve broken the law on many occasions. I’ve done it of my own free will and felt little remorse.  We live in a society based on rules and I have disregarded […]